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About Knowledge Quest
Knowledge Quest is an e-Learning company specializing in authoring tools, off-the-shelf content, custom content creation, and content delivery.

Knowledge Quest's authoring tool, called Expert Author, is a visual authoring tool used to quickly create AICC/SCORM conformant software training that uses a realistic software simulation – no scripting is required.

Since 1996, Knowledge Quest has created and successfully deployed interactive training courses to over 1 million people around the world. Whether your workforce is scattered around the globe, or under the same roof, Knowledge Quest courseware is an effective and economical means of delivering first-class software training on demand.

Knowledge Quest helps companies to increase employee productivity by providing compelling, results-oriented learning solutions for both off-the-shelf and proprietary software. Taking advantage of this versatility, companies can build libraries of high-quality, state-of the-art courseware with a consistent look and feel.

Our mission is to create the most compelling authoring tools and software courseware in the marketplace -- allowing people to "learn-by-doing" in a realistic software environment. We take the expression "practice makes perfect" to heart by allowing participants to perform tasks and practice skills as if they were working in the real software application.

Knowledge Quest was the first company to produce interactive software simulations in a Web-delivered learning product, and we continue to advance the technology by providing new features and substantially reduced transmission times.
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