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Custom Templates
If your goal is to create software training where the participant is expected to perform interactions as if they are in the actual software, or if you are creating assessments for certification and you need to create an effective means of testing the participants knowledge, and then pass that information back to an AICC/SCORM conformant Learning Management System (LMS), you will want to take advantage of Expert Author's ability to simulate software in a realistic manner.

To do this, you will want to create software Views that include interactive components, like menus, toolbars, and one or more of the five document objects types. Although you can do this work yourself, Knowledge Quest or one of our partners is available to help you by creating an entire library of templates, or a few templates to be used by you as a starting point to create additional templates.

To learn more about our custom template service, please contact, or call us at (949) 922-8150.

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