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Knowledge Quest offers you three different methods to help you become proficient using Expert Author.

Self-paced Interactive Online Courseware

As a registered user of Expert Author, you have access to a library of courses designed to teach you how to get the most from Expert Author. Courseware is delivered, tracked, and managed through Knowledge Quest University. The courseware is created using Expert Author, so in addition to teaching you everything you need to know about Expert Author, these lesson may also give you some ideas about various techniques and approaches you can use to create effective self-paced courseware. To enroll at Knowledge Quest University, use the enrollment key that was provided to you when you purchased Expert Author.

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Scheduled Online Webinars

Our online webinars are designed to provide an interactive forum for small groups of participants. Most online webinars last about an hour, and focus on a particular subject, like how to create live, interactive menus. There are six different online webinars, each of which explores the various facets of authoring with Expert Author. In addition to these predefined online webinars, we are happy to create online webinars covering whatever topic your group is interested in.

Premium Support Plan - This support plan entitles the registered user to participate in up to 8 online webinars throughout the plan year.

Pay Per Use - If you are not on a support plan, you can participate in an online webinar for $45.00. The number of participants in each webinar is limited, so please register early.

To learn more about this, please contact, or call us at (949) 922-8150.

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Onsite Classes

We are happy to deliver classroom training at your location. To learn more about this, please contact, or call us at (949) 922-8150.

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